MIDIMT Control Surface Converter for Premiere Pro

Release Year/Date : 2022
Version : Build 177
Developer : CC Developer
Site : https://claudiacoord.github.io/MIDI-EasyControl-to-Mackie-translator-for-Premiere-Pro/
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Interface language : Russian
Tabletka : not required
System requirements : Windows 10.11 x86 / x64

Size:  11.1 MB
Description : EasyControl-MIDI command translator to MIDI-Mackie for working with control surfaces in Adobe Premiere Pro
Converts EasyControl9 control panel MIDI notation to Mackie MIDI notation for Adobe Premiere Pro. It will probably work with the whole line of Adobe products as long as they use the same MIDI notations in their products. Flexible settings, all controls work, unlike analogues.
All buttons can be assigned dual functions! A quick and long press will execute different commands depending on the settings.
The JOG control works – frame-by-frame movement in the timeline.
Support for any control panels that work with the device’s standard MIDI port.
For example, such as WORLDE, Pyle Audio PMIDIPD30, KORG, manufactured by FEGOO and other compatible USB MIDI Control Surface.
Add. Information : For the normal operation of the application, you must install the MIDI driver package from Tobias Erichsen. At the time of writing this document, the current driver version is dated 2019-12-02. The loopMIDI distribution containing the necessary drivers is included in the archive.

Download “MIDIMT-Control-Surface-Converter-for-Premiere-Pro” MIDIMT-Control-Surface-Converter-for-Premiere-Pro.torrent – Downloaded 0 times – 8 KB


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