Kodak Digital ROC Pro 1.0.4 build 0.333.0 x86 x64

Release Year/Date : 2004
Version : 1.0.4 build 9.0.333.0
Developer : Eastman Kodak Company
Developer website : asf.com, kodakalaris.com/go/plugins
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Interface language : English
Tabletka : present
System requirements : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10,
Core 2 Duo or better, 1 GB memory, 1 GB free disk space Executable

Size:  3.6MB

Description : Kodak Digital ROC PRO is a Photoshop plug-in designed for automatic color correction of digital photos (especially old ones with a distorted color palette). The result of the filter operation is very different from what can be achieved with the standard tools of the graphic editor.
The principle of operation of Digital ROC Professional is based on the neutralization of the excess of any shade. During the analysis, the brightness of colors is also taken into account. For example, if there is an excess of green shades in the shadows, and the highlights are filled with blue colors, then both of these shortcomings should show up. The program builds independent curves for each channel separately.

in detail
Manual color management is available with:
– three sliders. One of them allows you to balance between red and blue. Another knob is responsible for adjusting the purple and green colors. The third control lever adjusts the blue and yellow tints. The automation of the program is arranged in such a way that it always offers an ideal, from a mathematical point of view, color balance. For the filter, it doesn’t matter if there is a lot of green foliage or a blue sky in the frame, for example. The photo is completely balanced. However, it may look ugly. Not always artistic design coincides with the exact sciences, it is often irrational. For this reason, you can make adjustments to the automation by manually controlling the color balance;
– switch “Film” – “Digital”.
Together with the color balance, you can immediately adjust the brightness. In addition, you can specify the darkest and lightest point in the image. The last two parameters are indicated as a percentage of the entire dynamic range. The convergence of extreme points increases the contrast, but reduces the detail in the boundary brightness zones, since some regions are outside the introduced frames.
The impact of Digital ROC Professional on many photos is quite strong. This is especially true for plots with a predominance of any color. The filter processes landscape shots well, but its algorithms are not so effective when processing portraits. Often skin tones look unnatural, turning yellow or even gray. Manual adjustment of channels in such cases does not always help.
Digital ROC Professional changes the original image much more strongly, more aggressively than regular Adobe Photoshop tools do. Sometimes this results in a beautiful, expressive result, and sometimes, its use is harmful. As a consequence, this filter should not be applied in batch mode. There is no guarantee that all processed photos will improve, will be better than before.
It follows from this that Digital ROC Professional, to a greater extent, is a creative filter than a tool designed to automate routine operations, which, to a large extent, is typical of the previous participant in the guide.
After installing the plugin, place the file DigitalROCPRO.8bf from the folder at the following addresses:
C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Photoshop CS2 \ Plug-ins \ Adobe Photoshop Only \ Filters
C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Photoshop CS2 \ Plugins
In Photoshop look for the plugin in the “Filters” tab.
The distribution includes a .pdf file containing a quick start guide.
What is the DIGITAL ROC Professional Plug-In?
The DIGITAL ROC Professional Plug-In adds advanced features and functionality to the award-winning DIGITAL ROC Plug-In, enabling users to more effectively correct, restore, and balance the color quality of digital images. Like the DIGITAL ROC Plug-In, DIGITAL ROC Professional Plug-In analyzes color gradients in the image to remove color casts or tints and fade restored or lost color by generating optimal tonal curves for each color channel. In addition, the DIGITAL ROC Professional Plug-In provides advanced controls for precise adjustment of both image brightness and image contrast. The DIGITAL ROC Professional Plug-In is fully compatible with ADOBE Photoshop actions, and can be run in batch mode. The DIGITAL ROC Professional Plug-In works with 8 bit and 16 bit digital images from any source, including film scanners, flatbed scanners, digital cameras, CDs, and the Internet. It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and other programs that support Photoshop plug-ins and is available on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.
After June 30, 2019, new licenses for the Kodak Professional Plugins will no longer be available.
After June 30, 2019, the Kodak Professional Plugins will not be available for download. Also after this date, the “Activate/Subscribe” action from any installed but yet unlicensed plugin will return an error message.
After September 30, 2019, technical support for these plugins will no longer be available. All licensees can continue to receive technical support until September 30, 2019 via email (asfplugins-support@kodakalaris.com).
Product tutorials and technical FAQs will continue to be available on our websites (asf.com or kodakalaris.com/go/plugins) after the support discontinuance.


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