Release year : 2006
Version : 2.2
Developer : MOVAVI
Platform : PC
System requirements : Pentium 2 200 Mhz, Windows XP or Vista, 128 Mb Ram and above
Interface language : English only
Tabletka : Present

Size:  13.9 MB

Description :
The program has two main advantages. The first is the numerous automatic filters that enhance the video at the click of a button. The important thing is that the user may need to know absolutely nothing about video editing in order to significantly improve the quality of digital video. EnhanceMovie will do everything without user intervention.
The second advantage is the ability to select a part of the video (interval) and apply the necessary filters only to this part. In addition to auto filters, the program provides many professional filters such as DeNoise, auto white balance, Deblocking (for analog video), and many others.
In addition, EnhanceMovie contains several artistic filters to help you make your home videos look amazing. These are Mosaic, Pasteurize, Greyscale, Invert, they can be used to give home video a futuristic look or the look of old movies from the 30s.

Add. Information :
Key features:
· Auto filters: Magic Enhance, Auto contrast, Auto saturation, Auto white balance.
· Video Filters: Noise Removal, Deinterlacing, Deblocking, Brightness/Contrast, Sharpness, Blur, Color Temp, Hue/Saturation, Gamma, Color Balance, Chroma Balance.
· Artistic video effects: Mosaic, Add noise, Pasteurize, Diffusion, Grayscale, Invert
· Support for AVI, MPEG, VOB, MP4, MOV, WMV formats
· Filters and effects can be applied to the specified video segment
· Play original video, video with applied filters and combined playback.
· Drag-and-Drop interface, very easy to learn and use.
“EnhanceMovie improves the quality of the recorded video. It has six filters (two automatic, six customizable), when using which the picture blooms literally before our eyes. Contrast, saturation and “temperature” of colors, brightness and clarity of the picture are adjusted. There is a Deinterlace function. Very clearly the result is shown: you can choose to view the original recording, the video with the filters applied, or both at the same time.In the third case, the image is divided into two parts: on the left – the unfiltered video, on the right – the final video.
And these are not empty words! Tried on several types of video files.
The result is great! Particularly impressive on captured video from VHS and highly compressed MPEG from a digital camera.”

Download “EnhanceMovie” EnhanceMovie.torrent – Downloaded 0 times – 5 KB


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